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I have designed this site as a place to collect and share good practice, resources and ideas. The current key focus of the site is numeracy across the curriculum, literacy within maths and the development of differentiated maths resources. Ideas and resources shared are either from myself, colleagues or tweeters. In scenario's of were the source of the resource is known and isn't from myself I will accredit the relevant people. So please if you have any resources to share get in touch. 

About Miss B 

I'm Danielle Bartram, the face behind Miss B. My current job title is Maths Lead Practitioner and Numeracy Coordinator, at Acklam Grange School. I gained a Maths degree, from Lancaster University, in 2011 and earned my PGCE, from Durham University, in 2012. I went on to gain full QTS in 2013, since then I have had a key focus on making maths fun and exciting for all pupils. I have developed strategies to do this in a meaningful way, targeting revision materials and independent learning. My new focus is now to develop numeracy skills across the curriculum and to develop good/ outstanding practice to promote rapid progress of all students. During my NQT year I also designed and developed the interactive seating plan, which is now used by thousands of teachers across the United Kingdom. Outside of the classroom I enjoy playing both the trombone and piano. I currently play for a local brass band and a concert band.

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“Miss B is always coming up with great new ideas. I have been delighted to work with her on linking numeracy and literacy”

Simon Blower 
Simon Blower
Co Founder of pobble.com


“Makes Maths interesting, relevant and accessible.”

Mark Anderson 
Mark Anderson
Author of ‘Perfect ICT Every Lesson’ and international speaker.


“Maths teachers looking for inspiration and quality resources? Look no further than @MissBsResources.” 

Jon Tait
Jon Tait
Olympic torch bearer, deputy head teacher and international speaker.


Danielle Bartram

Maths Lead Practitioner

Acklam Grange School