Geometry Homework

@DIRT_expert recently introduced to PRET style maths homework's. PRET stands for Practise, Recall, Extend and Think. The maths homeworks are designed to challenge students as well as support them with knowledge gained from maths lessons. My versions can be seen below. If I don't have what you need more can be found at PretHomework. These PRET maths homeworks are great for getting students to think about their problem solving (AO3) and reasoning skills (AO2). The maths homeworks also provide opportunities for students exploring their love of maths more through miniature research tasks. These maths shape, space and measure homeworks give students a chance to excel and shine.

Angles Inside a Polygon

Angles Inside a Triangle

Angles Overview

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Danielle Bartram

Maths Lead Practitioner

Acklam Grange School