Many students struggle to revise mathematics; the most common methods students use are to only look at topics they can do and complete 20 of the same question. Students also have a habit to only read and rewrite out their notes. This section is to provide ideas on how to help your students revise and also some resource that may encourage even the most reluctant of students. 

The key advice I give all students I teach is to make sure revision doesn't turn into a chore, maths should be fun. To do this I recomend students break down topics and tackle on a basis of two topics they need to work on with one they need to refresh; this means students keep up a postitive mental level with the success of the refresher topic. On top of this I strongly advise students to not do twenty of the same questions. I'm a great believer 1-3 max on the same level and style question should identify if you  get it and can move onto the next level/topic or if you need to seek help in the form of your teacher, textbook or online resources. See the skill review pages for Algebra, Data, Geometry and Number for questions. 

Revision Resources

Tell a Story

Students can often struggle with remembering simple formula and facts. It may help some students to remember the formula, often the crazier the story the better. For example:

  • Naught Elephants Squirt Water (North, South, East and West)
  • Step Over His Cat And Hide The Orange Apple (SOHCAHTOA) 
  • etc ...

Create Acronims 

  • KFC - Keep, Flip, Change (Dividing Fractions)
  • FOIL - First, Inners, Outters and Lasts (Expanding Quadratics)
  • TEAM - Times to make the End Add to make the Middle (Factorising Quadratics)
  • HISS - Half in the Bracket Square and Subtract (Completing the Square)
  • MARIAS - Multiply And Reduce Increase And Share by (Differentiation and Intergration)

Create Songs and Dance

  • Circumference and Area of a Circle Song
  • Squaring Numbers Song

MAths GCSE Revision Resource Extras

Calculator Colour


Higher GCSE Calculator Colour 1

Key Topic Exam Revision Sheets

Pie Charts

Data Handling

Exam Question DOHs





Basic Area

Pie Charts



DIRT Revision - Common Exam Questions


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