Every child should have access to a good maths education, tailored to their individual needs.  I have designed a range of maths resources to support maths teachers in developing students to achieve their full potential. Below is a table categorising the different types of resources available on the topic geometry. If there is a maths resource you need that isn't on here please don't hesitate to get in touch as I may have something already that I just haven't had chance to upload yet.

The table separates Geometry (Shape, Space and Measure) into sub topics such as perimeter, area and volume. There are 4 main types of maths resources within the table.

Worksheets – These maths worksheets are differentiated for students. The worksheets initially focus on what maths skills students need to access the new maths topic. These are followed by maths skill sections giving students a chance to practise their (A01) maths calculating skills. Each maths resource then includes stretch and challenge activities. These sections focus on the mathematical reasoning (AO2) and Problem solving skills (AO3) students’ need.

Homework – These maths homework’s designed to help student’s consolidate the learning that has happened within their maths lessons. Some of these maths homework’s follow the PRET learning style, which encourages students to do research alongside their practise of a maths topic.

Skill Reviews – These maths resources are designed around maths GCSE exam questions. Skill reviews are separated into differentiated bronze, silver and gold maths questions with answers provided. The questions vary from AO1 calculate, AO2 Reason and AO3 Problem Solving maths questions.

Other – This section includes maths exam revision materials for GCSE Maths exams such as DOH questions, maths revision mats and revision clocks. Alongside these maths revision resources are maths murder mysteries and investigations. 


Geometry Topics and Resources

TopicsWorksheetsHomeworksSkill ReviewsOther
Identifying ShapesWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Nets of ShapesWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Plans and ElevationsWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Problem Solving Perimeter, Area & VolumeWorksheetHomeworksSkill ReviewRevision Clock
PerimeterWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Area of a RectangleWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 1
Skill Review 2
Area of a TriangleWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Area of ParallelogramsWorksheetHomeworksSkill ReviewExam DOH
Area of a TrapeziumWorksheetHomeworksSkill ReviewExam DOH
Area of a CircleWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Area of a SectorWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Circumference of a CirlceWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Arc Length of a SectorWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Volume of CuboidsWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Volume of a PrismWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Volume of a CylinderWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Volume of a Cone and PyramidWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Volume of a SphereWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Surface Area of a CuboidWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Surface Area of a PrismsWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Surface Area of a CylinderWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Surface Area of a Cone and PyramidWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Surface area of a SphereWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Pythagoras' TheoremWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
3D Pythagoras'WorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Compound MeasuresWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
PressureWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
DensityWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Trigonometric - Exact Values WorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Trigonometry - Right Angled TrianglesWorksheetHomeworks

Review Angle
Review Side

Trigonometry - Sine RuleWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Trigonometry - Cosine RuleWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Trigonometry - Area of a TriangleWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Trigonometry - 3D ProblemsWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Types of AnglesWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Anlges on Straight Lines & Around a PointWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Angles Inside a TriangleWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Angles Inside a QuadrilateralWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Angles inside PolygonsWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Angles on Parallel LinesWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Algebra AnglesWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review
Circle TheoremsWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
BearingsWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Loci and ConstructionWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
TranslationWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
ReflectionWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
RotationWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
EnglargementWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Similarity and CongruenceWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Similar Shapes Length, Area & VolumeWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Column VectorsWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
VectorsWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Timetables & Distance TablesWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 
Distance Time GraphsWorksheetHomeworksSkill Review 


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