Blooms Races

Blooms races incorporates fictional lap times and blooms taxonomy questions. Within this game I have placed an emphasis on the basic skills of knowledge and comprehension; you can't move forward until you have got these questions correct and when moving backwards it will generally be to one of these squares. This game promotes discussion between students and the development of higher order thinking skills, as well as adding a competitive element and allowing the students to deal with time.   This activity can take as long you want. The lap time of 3 minutes is only there for students to add and subtract time from and to also give students an end lap time result which is realistic against racing games and formula one.

There are two different versions of Blooms Races, in both versions the teachers or students have to create a set of cards to be able to play the game. Students move their counter around the board using the wheel to indicate how many squares they move forward or back. Every time a student answer a question correctly they get a time bonus or speed boost, this time gets subtracted from the starting lap time. Every time a student answer a question incorrectly they get a time lapse, this amount gets added to the starting lap time. Their lap times can be recorded on the sheet opposite. The student who has the shortest lap time wins.

Blooms Races Colour

For this version the students or yourself need make a set of blooms questions on one topic or several. I would advise a minimum of 4 for each of the 6 blooms categories.  The templates below can be downloaded.

Blooms Races Words

For this version the students or yourself need to make a set of topic cards. These cards can by key words, dates, characters, people, themes, methods, etc. Students then need to link the blooms word of the square they land on with the topic card. This is a higher level version of the game because of this there is a blooms word help mat available to support the students. The templates shown below can be downloaded.  

Also available are both tracks with the options to add your own starting time, speed boost and time lapse. Additionally there is a downloadable blank track for those wanting to create there own.


I hope you find this useful and please get in touch with how the activity has worked in your classroom.

Happy New Year
Miss B


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