Algebra Skill Review

These maths resources include bronze, silver and gold maths tasks for the end of a module or revision. They are ideal for use for students who are in their maths GCSE years, as they are based around exam style maths questions. These resources are to be used as an aid to review maths skills, see how far you can get within an appropriate time limit. (10 - 20 minutes usually). These maths resources should challenge and stretch students on a topic as either pre or post assessment.

The newer skill reviews I have been making try to focus in on the separate AO1 (Calculate), AO2 (Reasoning) and AO3 (Problem Solving) maths Skills. Last year I focused on creating skill review maths worksheets on the new maths GCSE Topics, such as Functions and Iteration. Most maths skill review sheets have answers already provided. However some of the older maths resources don't. If you have a completed set of answers for any of the older maths skill reviews and are happy for me to share them please email them to me.


Working with Algebra
Solving Equations
Simultaneous Equations by Elimination
Simultaneous Equations by Substitution
Changing the subject
Harder Functions
Linear Sequences
Quadratic Sequences
Area Underneath a Curve
Gradient as a Rate of Change
Expand and Simplify
Expanding Quadratics
Expanding Cubics
Collecting Like Terms
Index Notation
Factorising Linear Expressions
Factorising Quadratic Expressions
Factorise and Solve Quadratics
Quadratic Formula
Completing the Square
Algebraic Fractions
Drawing Linear Graphs
Drawing a Quadratic Graph
Interpreting Quadratic Graphs
Equation of a Line
Equation of Parallel Lines
Equation of Perpendicular Lines

Algebra Homework

@DIRT_expert recently introduced to PRET style homework's. PRET stands for Practise, Recall, Extend and Think. The maths homework's are designed to challenge students as well as support them with knowledge gained from their maths lessons. My versions can be seen belo. If I don't have what you need more can be found at PretHomework. These PRET homework's are great for getting students to think about their maths problem solving (AO3) and reasoning skills (AO2). They also provide opportunities for students to explore their love of maths more through research. These maths homeworks give students a chance to excel and shine.

Expand and Simplify

Change the Subject

Linear Nth Term Rule

Simultaneous Equations


Every child should have access to a good maths education, tailored to their individual needs.  I have designed a range of maths resources to support maths teachers in developing students to achieve their full potential. Below is a table categorising the different types of resources available on the topic Algebra. If there is a maths resource you need that isn't on here please don't hesitate to get in touch as I may have something already that I just haven't had chance to upload yet.

The table separates Algebra into sub topics such as solving equations and collecting like terms. There are 4 main types of maths resources within the table.

Worksheets – These maths worksheets are differentiated for students. The worksheets initially focus on what maths skills students need to access the new maths topic. These are followed by maths skill sections giving students a chance to practise their (A01) maths calculating skills. Each maths resource then includes stretch and challenge activities. These sections focus on the mathematical reasoning (AO2) and Problem solving skills (AO3) students’ need.

Homework – These maths homework’s designed to help student’s consolidate the learning that has happened within their maths lessons. Some of these maths homework’s follow the PRET learning style, which encourages students to do research alongside their practise of a maths topic.

Skill Reviews – These maths resources are designed around maths GCSE exam questions. Skill reviews are separated into differentiated bronze, silver and gold maths questions with answers provided. The questions vary from AO1 calculate, AO2 Reason and AO3 Problem Solving maths questions.

Other – This section includes maths exam revision materials for GCSE Maths exams such as DOH questions, maths revision mats and revision clocks. Alongside these maths revision resources are maths murder mysteries and investigations. . 



Algebra Topics and Resources

Topic Worksheets  Homework  Skill Review  Other 
Collecting Like TermsWorksheetHomeworkSkill ReviewExam DOH 1
Exam DOH 2
SubstitutionWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
FunctionsWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Harder FunctionsWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
IterationWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Index NotationWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Expand and SimplifyWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Expand QuadraticsWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Expanding CubicsWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Factorising Linear ExpressionsWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Factorising Quadratic ExpressionsWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Fractorise and Solve QuadraticsWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Working with AlgebraWorksheetHomeworkSkill ReviewMurder Mystery
Fromulae WorksheetHomeworkSkill ReviewCatch Phrases
Quadratic FormulaWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Completing the SquareWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
IdentitiesWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Algebraic Fractions

Add and Subtract

HomeworkSkill Review 
Forming ExpressionsWorksheetHomeworkSkill ReviewExam DOH
Forming and Solving EquationsWorksheetHomeworkSkill ReviewRevision Clock
Solving EquationsWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Simultaneous Equations by EliminationWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Simultaneous Equations by SubstitutionWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Changing the SubjectWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Linear SequencesWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Quadratic SequencesWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
CoordinatesWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Drawing Linear GraphsWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Drawing Quadratic GraphsWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review
Interpreting Quadratic GraphsWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review
Drawing Other GraphsWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Inequality RegionsWorksheetHomeworkSkill ReviewMurder Mystery
y=mx+cWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Parallel LinesWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Perpendicular LinesWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Gradient as a Rate of ChangeWorksheetHomeworkSkill Review 
Area Underneath a CurveWorksheet HomeworkSkill Review 


Algebra Worksheets

I have developed my own style of differentiated maths worksheets for lessons which are inspired by the PRET Homework’s. These maths worksheets on algebra are split into several sections. Sometimes it will be relevant for these maths resources to be used over multiple lessons.

Memory – The memory boxes are there to provide students with memory aids or examples. The memory box does not mean necessarily this is the way to start teaching a topic. The maths memory tools support the great teaching within a lesson. Feel free to ignore this box also.

Literacy – Each maths worksheet includes a literacy section. Here students will be asked to recognise key maths words and define them. Alternatively students may be asked to describe a mathematical process. There has been a lot of research carried out which suggests those students who are able to talk about and explain the maths processes often understand and remember larger proportions of the work.

ROK – This stands for Retention of Knowledge. This is a chance for a student to recall their prior maths learning. The maths skills questioned in the retention section give students a chance to practise maths skills they will need to access the lesson. This helps build in a little bit of spaced learning.

Skills – The maths skill sections of the worksheet focus in on the developing new concepts taught on a maths topic. The maths questions often increase in difficulty throughout a skill section. These focus on the maths GCSE exam AO1 calculation skills.

Stretch – These are maths questions designed to stretch and challenge a student. These challenging maths questions interleave topics from other mathematical topics. Stretch questions focus on a student’s ability to mathematically reason (AO2) and problem solve (AO3). These allow students to explore the breadth and depth of a maths topic.



Expand and Simplify Algebraic Expressions

Expand Double Brackets

Factorising Quadratics

Add and Subtract Algebraic Fractions

Simplifying Algebraic Fractions

Equation of a Line

Simultaneous Equations

Plotting Linear Graphs

Plotting Quadratic Graphs

Factorising Quadratics

Plotting Linear and Quadratics

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