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Many students struggle to revise mathematics; the most common methods students use are to only look at topics they can do and complete 20 of the same question. Students also have a habit to only read and rewrite out their notes. This section is to provide ideas on how to help your students revise and also some resource that may encourage even the most reluctant of students. 

The key advice I give all students I teach is to make sure revision doesn't turn into a chore, maths should be fun. To do this I recomend students break down topics and tackle on a basis of two topics they need to work on with one they need to refresh; this means students keep up a postitive mental level with the success of the refresher topic. On top of this I strongly advise students to not do twenty of the same questions. I'm a great believer 1-3 max on the same level and style question should identify if you  get it and can move onto the next level/topic or if you need to seek help in the form of your teacher, textbook or online resources. See the skill review pages for Algebra, Data, Geometry and Number for questions. 

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Maths Revision Mats

Maths Exam Question GCSE Revision Mat

This is a new section to the site in here I am going to start sharing the revision mats I am creating for both Higher and Foundation candidates in the final countdown to the exams. These question will be relevant to both the old and new GCSE. In designing the questions I have specific classes in mind, so I'm hoping this will mean the bank of mats will become appropriate to all subsets with both foundation and higher classes. 

I have used these in the maths classroom as both just a mat and also with using a revision clock where students have to complete 12 questions within 60 minutes and the clock is divided into 12 x 5 minutes slots. Some students managed to beat the 60 minute clock and start an extra clock (Extra Time). I got the revision clock idea from @Mathsjem who has posted about it here with links to many more downloadable maths clock resources. 


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Tip Top Tips

Teacher Tip Top Tips

Last week I helped organise and run our very own Acklam Grange School teach meet, AGSInspire with Jon Tait. It was a great night with lots of teachers sharing their experiences, tips and engaging ideas from the front line. For the evening I presented on my ‘Tip Top Tips’, these consisted of the little things that I’ve found can have positive impact in the right conditions.

There is a need to try and build a culture of independence and resilience within our students now more than ever with the New GCSE reforms across all subjects. The balance can be a tricky one between offering support, guidance and structure and allowing students opportunities to grapple and struggle with a problem or concept. I’ve found there is a fine line between support and dependency on support. How can we offer both support and challenge in the right way, so our students can apply their skills without support afterwards and also so the students don’t switch off from the challenge?

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Maths Revision Tips

GCSE Maths Revision Tips Passports

With the examination season upon us, both teachers and students are frantically trying to revise the key topics to boost students up a grade in time for the GCSE Exams. There is more pressure than ever on maths results within schools with one set of bad results often meaning relegation in the terms of Ofsted. However it is important that we remember the real reason why we as teachers are bending over backwards and putting many extra hours in to support and push our students over the final hurdle.

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Poundland Pedagogy, Who needs frogs?

Poundland pedgagogy cheap maths resources

Who needs frogs when you can have bunnies? Poundland pedagogy is something I try to use within my practice to help engage students into the learning. It’s cheap, resourceful and practical. Above all else though students more often than not love the Poundland pedagogy lessons. I hear the cynics in the background bemoaning that this is a fad and a gimmick around the learning. Maybe it is or maybe it isn’t but Poundland pedagogy is a very useful classroom and maths resource. I’ve mentioned a few ideas before in presentations, however I thought it was time to share some of these ideas with fellow teachers on my Miss B's blog.

This half term I managed to get out and about and do some high street shopping. Here the lure of Poundlands bargains tempted me in. I discovered a couple of useful items for this half terms lessons. Some of the fun items I have bought are bright florescent sales stickers ready for teaching fractions and percentages. A cheap mini mouse height measurer to go on my wall. As well as some cardboard pirate cut outs for when we do algebra solving equations and rearranging formula revision, as I always teach it as you are balancing a pirate ship.

My top three maths resources for improving conceptual understanding  of maths topics though are:

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