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Chapter 3 - Numeracy Audit


Numeracy Audit 


Fig 3.2 - Problem Solving 

Fig 3.3 - Graphs and Statistics

Fig 3.4 - Formulae and Equations

Fig 3.5 - Functional Skills

Fig 3.6 - Shapes and Measures

Fig 3.7 - Number


Chapter 4 - Numeracy Links

Fig 4.1 Numeracy Link Poster

Fig 4.4 - Problem Solving

Fig 4.5 - Graphs and Statistics 1

Fig 4.6 - Graphs and Statistics 2

Fig 4.8 - Formulae and Equations 1

Fig 4.9 - Formulae and Equations 2

Fig 4.10 - Functional Skills 1

Fig 4.11 - Functional Skills 2

Fig 4.12 - Shapes and Measures 1

Fig 4.13 - Shapes and Measures 2

Fig 4.14 - Number 1

Fig 4.15 - Number 2


Chapter 6  - The 31 Prime Resources and Ideas

Resource 1 - Scrabble Cross

Resource 2 - Writing Weigh-in 

Resource 6 - Weight of the World

Resource 7 - Impact Line

Resource 11 - Bargain Words

Resource 12 - Put the Fire Out

Resource 13 - Fuel Fill Race

Resource 15 - Battle Words

Resource 17 - Thermometer for Understanding

Resource 18 - The Real Value

Resource 19 - Maths Marking

Resource 27 - Measure of Success

Resource 30 - Christmas Groupers 

Resource 30 - Number Groupers


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Zip File of Book Resources

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