The Take Away Lesson

This is a great way to get pupils enthused and hooked in the lesson. It’s your choice whether you use just one aspect of the model or build a lesson around several. The idea of the takeaway lesson links closely with the TEEP spiders and Blooms taxonomy. As an added something special, you could present the information in the relevant takeaway boxes.

The Happy Meal
This gives you a way of letting the inner child out and allowing the pupils to create their own puzzles, build their own models to demonstrate understanding. Why not start with ‘creating’ and then analyse the similarities and differences in comparison to the real things.

Fully Loaded meal
I also see this as a way of presenting all the facts. Everything you need information wise is given and this is a chance to practise and apply methods or attempt to analyse the big questions we want to ask as teachers, with all the information given.

Boneless Banquet
 This is where you give the pupils the bare minimum of information that they need. You allow them to research and explore and come to their own conclusions. The pupils need to formulate the bones of their argument themselves in order to answer the bigger question. You plant the seeds and you let them grow.

Nugget box
You give pupils nuggets of information and they gradually have to piece together the different nuggets of information, (facts, formulas, passages, etc.) in order to come to a conclusion and some answers independently.

The Chicken Legend
 Are you a chicken or are you going to be the legend of the class? What makes a legend, are the facts that are passed on. This is where pupils take on board information and are able to recall and list the relevant facts.

Sharer Bucket
This is your group work tasks, where the pupils have to share research and ideas. The pupils have to work as team, assigning roles and coming up with solutions to problems or making model answers.

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Tags: Independent Learning, Group Work

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