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Wow is the first word that comes to mind to summarise #MathsConf4, which was held in the beautiful and amazing venue of the Grand Connaught Rooms in London. This is my second maths conference event and I came away feeling reinvigorated and truly inspired. Unfortunately I didn't get to go see everything I would of liked because there were too many amazing workshops I wanted to attend. However to me this is the sign of an 'outstanding' conference, when it is hard to make a decision on workshops because they all look amazing. 

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Stretching the Challenge

In light of this coming weeks AGSInspire, I thought I would write my own views on stretching the challenge for all students. It is a common belief as soon as the words challenge are heard this is just for the gifted and talented and most able of students. However I'm of the opinion all students should have the opportunity to make rapid relative progress and be stretched and challenged to achieve their upmost best.

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One Direction Be Incredible

As many of my followers are aware, I said goodbye to my old school at the start of the Holidays. I am moving to join @TeamTait amongst others at Acklam Grange School as Maths Lead Practitioner. I have to say this is a big opportunity I am really excited about, (Literally I’ve been chomping at the bit to get started, 3 days to go *jumps up and down excitedly*). I’d kept my eyes open for a while for the next step in my career, though making the decision to move schools was not undertaken lightly. It feels like going off to university all over again, but maybe part of my attachment issue is because the school I've just left was the school I went to as child.

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National Numeracy Crisis


It is said that over 17 million people in the UK are innumerate and the yearly cost to the economy is estimated at £30 billion. This figure is comparable to literacy with only 5 million people being seen as illiterate. Poor numeracy skills have been estimated to cost the government £2.4 billion each year, however the current government has only invest £89 million into the national numeracy crisis. This may seem like a significant chunk of money, but when compared to the £5 billion invested into literacy education this hardly seems proportionate. 

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Subject Tip Mats

I have spent time creating Numeracy4All mats on the topics I feel appear across the curriculum on a regular basis. Apologies if I missed any. 
I have split the mats into the maths categories students will recognise. 

  • Number 
  • Shape, Space and Measure
  • Algebra 
  • Data Handling

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