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Leadership, what it means to me

I was extremely lucky when attending #ReadTL15 to get the chance to attend Jill Berry’s (@JillBerry102) workshop on leadership. This session really struck a chord with me and was something that I was looking forward to with just taking on a middle leader role, as lead practitioner. I’m sorry for those people who normal expect resources and ideas in my posts, this is one more of reflection and future proclamation.

Some of the questions asked were superficially easy to answer by rote of things you are told or read about; however on a deeper and more personal level when given time to think, sometimes different or more elaborate answers appeared.

I’m at the start of my leadership journey and my definition of leadership, expectations and way I approach certain things are already changing. My skin has toughened, although I wouldn’t say it was tough yet.

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Free Tech Top five

Free educational technology apps and websites

Technology and Apps are starting to exist by the shed load and it can be extremely difficult deciphering the wheat from the chaff so to speak. In the last half term in my new job I discovered the school has 60 iPads we could request. (Shh don’t tell anyone at the school otherwise they will be fully booked.) Upon this discovery though I started to explore and asked twitter people for advice mainly @ICTEvangelist, who if you don’t follow already you need to. If there’s a decent app out there or new piece of technology this amazing man knows about it.

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Motivating colleagues.

Motivation is really powerful thing and we all sometimes get ourselves down in the dumps. Especially when the days get shorter and the nights get longer. How do you motivate yourself on a morning?

I used to struggle to get up in the morning and certainly wasn’t a morning person. So I started placing inspirational items to me around the house, it may be a card from a student or a quote. The major item that has stuck with me though is one little measly post it note. This post it note I see every morning and it reminds me to be happy. (I’m often heard attempting to sing around the maths department on a morning, a particular favourite of mine is “good morning”).

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Bunting Displays Galore

As part of my work in creating a series of generic department displays for my new department, due to staff not being assigned to rooms. I created shape bunting amongst other key display items.  It was important to have the basic available in every room so staff know what they are walking into when they are teaching. 

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LoveLearning Teacher5aDay

Acklam Grange School held its second love learning project at the end of this summers term. Both teaching and non-teaching staff were tasked with having to learn a new skill. The only stipulation being that it couldn’t be anything to do with teaching. It’s important to remember what it was like to be a child and learn a challenging new skill. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

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