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Measure of Success

I designed ‘Measure of Success’ as way of rewarding students. Within my school we have a policy to give out 3 achievement points per lesson and it is often hard to decide who to give these achievement points to. Often when students gain the achievement points they are not entirely sure what they are getting them for, or teachers forget to reward them. So, last year I started handing out stars when students gained achievement points during the lesson and at the end I would collect the stars back in and enter the names in Sims.


Making Marking Manageable

Marking, feedback and response to feedback are common words and phrases that keep appearing in many teachers conversations across the country. The workload of a teacher means you can never be ahead, within 24 hours you will have more books to mark. This year I have 7 classes and what equates to nearly 200 books and then homework books to mark as well. (This does not include my morning form time intervention groups or revision sessions). I teach a full timetable, so I’m aware of the challenges we face on daily basis as teachers to keep on top of marking. Within this blog I am going to talk about how I approach marking and then also point you in the direction of the top strategies I have come across to enhance the quality of marking and save time. 

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Thermometer of Understanding

Students have to think about directed numbers, (positive and negative numbers), in relation to their learning within the lesson. This method allows all students and particularly the students who aren't 100%, but are better than the amber they always put, to identify and distinguish between their understanding of topics more accurately.

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Maths Murder Mystery

Maths Revision Murder MysteryResource

After a long, fun and rewarding weekend away with year 9 students to develop their Numeracy and Literacy skills alongside general confidence, team building and social skills. I now have chance to write a blog about Maths Murder Investigations and where they can lead.

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Maths Stories Literacy in Maths

 This blog post is the first in a series of articles about how I've developed literacy within Maths lessons and incorporated fun strategies to motivate the students.

For my first post I'm writing about a recent and developing idea, that I got from seeing the wonderful work of www.lendmeyourliteracy.com, (@LendingLiteracy). They have a great set up and have given creative writing a purpose. Students from across the country are able to become published international authors. Teachers and students can also comment and like other student’s stories from across the world.

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